Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Hero - Beaver Hateman

Bout' time, I got the recognition I deserve - looks like 'The Guardian' is going to publish this article by Hitmouse. Quite flattering I fink.

My Hero - Beaver Hateman

Beaver Hateman is a saint amongst men, a true hero of the working classes.

A forward thinking revolutionary, he has worked tirelessly for the rights of the common man.

For many years he has selflessly led the Badfort People’s Front in its battle against the tyrannical regime of the arch–boaster and exploiter of the proletariat, Uncle.

He is a man for all the people, a man who stands up tall, and speaks of justice and liberty for all.

He has had to continually put up with the slanders of Unc and his cronies. When he built the People’s Palace, in order to bring a few meagre hours of joy to the workingman, he was accused of running a rigged casino joint.

Vile lies have been promulgated to suggest that he has used funds donated to the revolution for his own pleasure. The truth is, of course, that if not for his careful investments in the Black Tom Brewery and Scob Fisheries, Badfort would not have attained the pre-eminent position that it has in these industries today.

His achievements have been recognised around the world, he is a major player in the world of global politics. Naturally, one might think that this would distance him from the common folk – but no, our leader is as caring for their welfare as ever. A man of the people, he recently declared that everyone could leave the washing up for a week!

Hooray for Beaver!

Down with Unc’s Capitalistic regime!!!

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