Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unc Propaganda

In his blog, today, Unc attempts to persuade the gullible to campaign for the republication of his biographies - thinly disguised capitalist propaganda!

He has posted the following link in an attempt to put pressure on the publishers who he has already tried to bribe with offers of large sums of money and barrels of ham.

Do not be taken in by the tyrant of Homeward - he is merely jealous of the success of greater books such as 'The Audacity of Hope'

It is thought that he is working on a new tome, his first autobiograpy, 'My Journey - Homeward Bound'

It will no doubt be a pathetic attempt to justify his recent illegal attack on Badfort under the pretext that we held 'Barrels of Mass Intoxication'

We suggest that you go to the nybooks site and demand that this blatant propaganda be suppressed.