Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My favourite film

Oh my head hurts this morning - shouldn't have opened that extra case of Black Tom.
Happy New Year - anyway.

I was asked by some celebrity mag to pick my most favourite film ever - of course it had to be REDS. Cor that Diane Keaton - she's luvly ain't she. But I should have got the lead role - not that ugly mug Warren Beatty. What kind of revolutionary is he? living in L.A.? They should have gone for someone believable like me. I'm a much better kisser than him too - I am sure Miss Keaton would have much preferred me if she had had any choice in the matter.

No surprise that Unc chose "It's a Wonderful Life"- he thinks he's like George Bailey but if you ask me he's more like Mr Potter. This is how it should have ended.