Friday, September 25, 2009

He nicked our idea!

We are going to sue that bloke Anish Kapoor - he's has nicked our paint cannon idea!

We used it on Unc when he was unveiling a new work at the Homeward Art Gallery. This new painting is a companion piece to the painting of him opening the Dwarfs Drinking Fountains. The new work, also by the artist Waldovenison Smeare, is entitled 'Uncle saves the Global Economy' and features him being fawned over by Gordon Brown, Barack Obama and other world leaders.

If it weren't for that tyrant Unc interfering the revolution would have began and I, Beaver Hateman, would be in charge.

Anyway, Unc stroll over to our cannon going "oh what a fascinating piece of sculpture" in his hoighty toighty voice and then we let him have it! Splat! Right in the face!

Of course him and his cronies chased after us and he have me a right kicking up - but it was worth it to see his paint splattered mug!

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