Thursday, September 3, 2009

Down with Monkeys

Hooray for Mister Stephen Fry!

He has at last vocalised what many of us have always thought but have been too scared to mention because of political correctness.

Down with Monkeys!

In an interview with the Radio Times he said "Monkeys remind me of the worst features of humanity. Greed, deceit, rapacity, cupidity, aggression, self-pity, selfishness - but without the altruism, compassion, curiosity and charm."

Have we not said all along that, the Old Monkey is a nasty scheming lackey of Uncle - avidly supporting his capitalist greed and the crushing of the proletariat?

Support our campaign against him and his deceitful clan by buying one of our 'Down with Monkeys' T-shirts.

They are already being sported by many celebrities and our great friends Phil Jupitus and Charlie Higson.

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