Friday, September 11, 2009

How Derren Brown done it

Everbody wants to kno how that Derren Brown predicted the lottery numbers and I can reveal that it is a right swizz!

I had such high hopes after watching him get em all right.

I called a meeting of the Badfort Revolutionary Front.

"This is it comrades, the revolution begins now!" I declared "We just need to kidnap this Derren Brown and we can get loads of dosh - we find out how he got the numbers right and tap his psykick abilities!'

"But what if he just brainwashed us all?" piped up Sigismund.

"Even better!" I cried 'Cos if he can brainwash people like that we can just get him to control Gordon Brown's mind and get the Brits to invade Homeward and install me as El Presidento - the yanks do it all the time. Gordon Brown will just wake up one morning, after Derren's done his business, and think 'ah yes, Beaver Hateman would make the best leader for Homeward!' and then I'll be in charge instead of the fat dictator!"

"But, would he be willing to hipnotise his own Dad?" queried Fillijug.

"He'll do wot we bloomin' well tell him! - any objections?" I retorted.

Hitmouse looked embarrased and interjected "It woz me!"

"Wot you mean it woz you?" I asked.

"It woz me that did the numbers - I stuck them on the balls after they woz selected" he said sheepishly.

It only turns out that using Wizard Blenkinsop's Dressing Gown of Invisibility, wot we nicked last year, he had helped Derren to pull off his scam!

When you look at the footage of the show through ultraviolet glasses Hitmouse can be clearly seen sticking numbers on the balls!

Footage viewed normally

Footage viewed through ultraviolet lenses

As you can imagine we woz furious and have totally ostracised Hitmouse - fancy pulling off a con-trick like that and not cutting us in on it!

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