Monday, October 19, 2009

Super Injunction over Hoax!

LAST month a certain pachyderm obtained a high court injunction to prevent a certain newspaper from publishing a certain document. More than that we could not say; to do so was fraught with danger.

THE BADFORT NEWS was the first publication to print the full text of the now infamous Badgertown Town Council question, tabled by councillor Sigismund Hateman, which the tyrant of Homeward and his lawyers, Badger-Bunk, were trying to suppress.

The Councillors’s questions reflected widespread concern at the increasing prevalence of Uncle's secret “super-injunctions” which muzzle the press, and questions that had arisen over Unc's Celebratory Balloon Flight over Badgertown - commemorating the anniversary of his purchase of Homeward.

After publication of the questions themselves in THE BADFORT NEWS, Beaver Hateman, the magazine’s editor, said: “There is an emerging culture of Unc getting away with doing whatever he likes. I think THE BADFORT NEWS's job is to expose this. That is why I decided to publish the councillor’s questions as the first item in the Unc bashing column of THE BADFORT NEWS."

Those Council questions in full…

Sigismund’s question that Unc and his lawyers didn’t want published, claiming that to do so would be in contempt of court? Here it is in full:

"Sir, We at Badfort have been informed by our scientific advisor, Professor Hootman, that the whole of the populace of Badgertown were put at risk by Unc's balloon flight over it! The balloons were quite small and it is clear that his enormous weight could have fallen at any time onto our fair town! Is it not time for the tryant of Homeward to be restrained from these publicity seeking misadventures?"

We can now, exclusively, reveal that Badgertown was never in any danger as the entire balloon flight was a hoax!

Whilst being interviewed for TV, on the subject of the danger associated with his flight, he let slip "I was just a stuffed dummy you know"

The boastful bounder of Homeward unmasked!

"It was always clear that such small balloons could never support the gargantuan physique of Unc" remarked Hootman.

It would appear that driven by ego and fame Unc has, once more, mastermined another publicity stunt.

Of course, the tyrant denies it all.

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