Sunday, October 25, 2009

A riposte to Unc!

Once more, Unc has baled out the capitalist hegemony!

In his address today
there is little comfort for the hard pressed citizens of his castle.

Once more, the people of Homeward must suffer as the bankers of Badgertown reward themselves with sky-high bonuses - looked on approvingly by Unc as he quaffs another glass of champagne!

In what sense, we may ask, are we living in a democracy?

With the arch boaster and tyrant of Homeward ruling by cynical exploitation of the workers?

I say to those disillusioned by Unc's ill treatment of the masses, do not be afraid, join us, come back! Youse had your anti-communist fun, and you is pardoned for it - time to get down to some serious partying!

No more toiling for the pachyderm on high - lets have another round of Black Tom!

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