Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unc panders to Princess!

Last night, our intrepid investigative reporter, Hitmouse, spotted Unc living it up with his latest 'ackwaintence' the Ferret Princess.

"Go away you horrible urchin" cried Unc as he guzzled champagne and caviar. "We are just good friends out for an evening of fine dining!"

Clearly Unc is still obssesed with trying to impress royalty - he has always been in awe of them - being just a grubby self made elephant himself.

The Princess's husband is the well-nown radio disk jocky and TV personality 'Emperor Wosko'. Recently employed by Badfort Radio (The Voice of the People). What would he think of these shenanigans you might well ask?

"I maniged to doorstep him at the 'Grouchy Club' but all he would say is "Oi, that comic you paid me with is a fake!" said Hitmouse. I had to run for my life but I think I managed to throw a skewer at him.

We decided to ask Mister Brand, a friend of the couple, for his reaction to the 'affair' but he launched into a tirade against Radio Badfort (the Voice of the People).

"How come Woss got a valuable old comic and all I got was a crate of Black Tom! you wait you lot will be in my next booky wooky with your flummiry of diarlectical materialism!"

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