Thursday, March 12, 2009

One battle does not lose a war!

Old Bully Bounty is celebrating the cruel beating he gave us yesterday - we can hear his dreadful muzak blaring out from Castle Tyranny!

What can you do? - well,, one battle does not lose a war! we will never surrender - time to have a party and celebrate the coming revolution!

We invited Bob, the strolling minstrel, round and sang a few protest songs

"Militant Camanera trains every morning,
by the American base, which is an insulting stain."

Too right, mate.

Then we sang one of our favourites, about when we sawed through the platform during one of Unc's boasting speeches and kidnapped him.

"See that pompous humbug Unc
On the Platform raise his trunk"

sang Sigismund, and we all shouted:

"Stinggoon! Stinggoon! STINGGOON!"

"Watch him spouting like a pump.
Watch him sit, the oily lump:
That's the moment-

At every 'CRUMP' we stamped our feet, then burst into the chorus:

"Stinggoon! Stinggoon! STINGGOON!"

We'll get you one day UNC!

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