Monday, March 16, 2009

Free the Badfort Four!

Calamitous day! Fellow members of the Badfort Crowd are being held for 'security checks' by Twitter.

Hitmouse, Jellytussle, Hootman and the Wooden-legged Donkey have had their voices silenced!

This is clearly the work of the infamous tyrant Unc - who wishes to suppress any voices of dissent and has now brought his influence to bear on the internet.

Wot next?

They claim that the four were behaving suspiciously - clearly they had probably just indulged in a little too much Black Tom - since whens that a crime!

Please do all you can to support @Hitmouse , @Hootmantheghost , @BadJellytussle , and @woodlegdonkey

Free the Badfort Four
Free free
Free free free the Badfort Four

Free the Badfort Four

21 hours in captivity
The ain’t even got any shoes for their feet
Held by Twitter, but their minds are still free
Its all Unc’s doing but you cannot see

Free the Badfort Four

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