Monday, November 16, 2009

The Ragged Sack-clothed Philanthropists

The Ragged Sack-clothed Philanthropists

An excerpt from an editorial by Hitmouse in The Badfort News.

We have had reports of an inflammatory speech by the King of the Badgers. As usual, Unc, the arch Boaster of Homeward, has been propping up the outmoded royalist regime of the ruler of Badgertown. He always has his hand out for dosh from the fat tyrant.

We asked Mister Hateman, leader of the Badfort Revolutionary Front for his comments:

"Here at Badfort, as you know, we are busy with our new projects for the people. The new Black Tom Distillery is nearing completion, The Scob Fish Smoking Factory is meeting the Five Year Plan and the People's Casino is raking it in!

This is the true nature of Philanthropy - we take from the workers and give back to the workers - more or less. So in our simple sack cloth garments we are the true philanthropists! Not that overbearing dictator sitting on his throne in Homeward.

Never fear, he will be defeated and from the ruins of the capitalist system will surely grow a glorious co-operative commonwealth, run by me - Citizen Hateman.

Free Black Tom for all! From the long night of drinking a light will shine throughout the happy world - the rays of the risen sun of socialism!

Don't worry! If it still all seems a little hazy some hair of the dog will do the trick!"

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