Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Lies

As usual, Unc is blowing his own trumpet and telling porky pies again.

Oir esteemed citizen, Mr Laurence Goatsby never poisoned Unc's rubbish drinking fountains.

Having heard of the disgraceful state Unc had left then in he merely took a small keg of disinfectant to clean then up and make them usable again.

When he arrived on his errand of mercy he found the Dictator waiting for him. The latter made some offensive remarks and Mr Goatsby quietly tried to leave.

He was at once surrounded by a menacing crowd, some of them bearing lethal weapons.

In an effort to escape with his life, Mr Goatsby unfortunately tripped and fell into the fountain reservoir, and suffered shock and a severe cold.

The insinuation that he was trying to blackmail the dwarfs into paying protection money by poisoning the water is a lie typical of Unc the fierce fat fool of Gangster Castle!

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