Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who is Sarah Palin?

I have had a strange tweet from some woman in America!

She has invited herself around for tea!

I was goin' to tell her to sling her hook, but Hitmouse tells me that she come from Alaska and is probly some rich yank oil billionaire. Shuld be able to fleece her for a bob or two!

Plus, I fink she's a bit of a looker - praps she will turn out to be an anarchist groupie who will fall in love wiv me and donate all her dosh to the cause.

She seems a bit obsessed with tea parties - hope she don't mind scob fish washed down with Black Tom!

She liks a bit of huntin' and fishin' so praps we culd have a romantic evenin' on Gaby's Marsh together bagging urselfs sum scobs n' critters!

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