Friday, June 10, 2011

Tea with Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin came for tea - wot a luvly lady!

We did a bit of huntin' and fishin' on Gabys Marsh - my gun was bigger than hers cos i brought
my Johnny Seven OMA. We had a blast of a time!

 Then we had a plate of scob fish and washed it down with a few tankards of Black Tom,

She's just like one of the lads - good ol' girl!

Mind you she look stunning in a bikini! Phwoar!

I must say I was a bit smitten - we even seem to have the same political ideas - she very much against Big goverment and I say to her "There ain't many bigger than Unc! - the big fat Dictator!"

I fink she's a bit of an anarchist too - she say she is always going rogue, or summat, and her daughter sounds like a wild one and she been giving her a bit of trouble, 'parrently. She is married - but I fink I may still be in with a chance cos he's always off fishin' an skiing and stuff.

She says best not to keep in touch by e-mail cos she's had sum trouble with that recently but she promises she will write.

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