Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uncle Danger!

The King of the Badgers could be forced to appeal to Uncle for help if voters elect a hung council in the forthcoming Badgertown election, Dave, the biscuit, Macaroon warned today.

It would seem that he is trying to puncture the Nick Custard bubble ahead of the second Mayoral candidates' television debate tonight, Macaroon said that the City would be spooked by an unclear election result.

"Bond markets won't wait," the Mayoral candidate said of the likely City reaction to post-election backroom deals at the Badgertown Council. "The Snout will wobble. We have seen even minor flickers in the opinion polls causing problems with interest rates in the recent past.

"If the Badgetowners don't decide to put in a government with a working majority, and the markets think that we can't tackle our debt and deficit problems, then Uncle will have to do it for us."

Gordon 'Fudge' Brownie, the BAD Party candidate, responded by saying "there is no way that fat tyrant is going to take over Badgertown!"

Beaver Hateman added "Just imagine how the banks and fund managers will behave with their friend in power. They will leech Badgertown dry! Vote Bad or the Pachyderm will be in charge!"

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