Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A future funfair for all!

Today the BAD party has issued its manifesto for the future of Badgertown.

In an audacious move The Bad Party mayoral candidate, Gordon 'Fudge' Brownie, revealed their intention to turn Badgertown into a giant Fun Fair!.

"This will surpass anything that Homeward has to offer!" declared Beaver Hateman, leader of the BAD party. "Longer switchback railways, growth, national renewal, a giant ferris wheel, improved living standards in the all inclusive big tent, excellence in education - come dancing on the waltzer!, Life will be a rollercoaster of fun!, world leading healthcare if you fall off the carousel of life!, a giant house of mirrors (makes everything look better!) , strengthening our community with fear - a ghost train!, supporting familes as they ride the helter skelter!- City debt reduced at a stroke as visitors queue up for the marvels of Badgertown!"

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