Thursday, July 9, 2009

All in the public interest

That political mouthpiece of the arch dictator, Unc, The Homeward Gazette has printed a disgraceful slur on The Badfort News.

The article whinges about the techniques used by our intrepid investigative reporter,
Hitmouse, to uncover the corrupt shenanigans of Unc and his followers.

Only last month, he was dragged before the courts accused of hacking into mobile phone texts. He made an impassioned plea for the importance of our newspapers work in exposing matters of public interest.

Let us make it clear - The Badfort News has always insisted that it would not break the law and would use subterfuge only if essential in the public interest.

Judge Jeffreys passed a harsh sentence - one hour of community service. Hitmouse declared that he was prepared to suffer the indignity of this punishment - for the sake of journalistic freedom to pursue the truth!

Be assured - the fight goes on!

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