Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two Gnashers Ninety!

The Badfort News today reveals the truth behind the extravagant expenses claims made by Noddy Ninety, the Mayor of Badgertown, and the fat cat councillors of Badgertown Town Hall.

Amongst his expenses he has included payment to his brother Neddy Ninety for 'cleaning services', the refurbishment of his car and caravan in a 'mock-tudor' style and two sets of false teeth.

Public funds have also been used to build a massive Garden Railway at his second home in Badgertown.

As usual, Uncle, in his blog, has attempted to divert attention from the crisis by making spurious claims against Mister Battersby - owner of the boutique hotel 'Skinner's'.

Mister Battersby is an illustrious citizen of Badfort, and has long made his hotel available at very affordable rates to councillors.

"After all," said Mister Battersby "One feels that one has a civic duty to provide a home from home for our hard working public servants."

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