Friday, May 15, 2009

Boot'em out!

We thought robbery in our neighborhood was only carried out in a big way by the Magnate of Homeward.

Now we know that the councillors at Badgertown Town Hall are at it too.

Nobody objects to paying rates if they get value for money, but we at Badfort get no light, no road-mending, no drains and no edukashun.

Now, our intripid investigative reporter, Hitmouse, has revealed the truth of how the councillors is lining their pockets.

We at the Badfort News say boot out these fiddlers.

When Noddy Ninety, the incumbint mayor, said he was intensely relaxed about people being stinking rich I don't fink anyone thought he meant politicians!

When we at Badfort fell a bit short on being able to pay the money wot we borrowed they sent the bloomin' baliffs in did'nt they? - kicking in our door and trying to nick our stuff.

If it good enuff for us why isn't it good enuff for those crooks in the Town Hall?

We need a Council Election and anyone who has been on the fiddle should be barred from standing!

Our illustrous leader, Beaver Hateman is ready to step into the breach and bring back respect to the mayoral office. "My manifesto 'Fermenting Revolution' delivers an empowering message about how individuals can change the world through the simple act of having a pint of Black Tom. I propose that the King of the Badgers Palace been turned into a brewery!" he declared.

A new leader is needed in Badgertown. Somebody who will fight for your rights. Watch for him. He is coming SOON.

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