Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uncle - Claim Jumper!

Yesterday, the arch-tyrant Uncle carried out a vicious attack on the innocent silver prospectors of Badfort.

An expedition had set out from Badfort to investigate rumours of a rich seam of silver having been found in the desert plains of Goldfish Lodge.

Led by Beaver Hateman riding the Wooden-Legged Donkey, and Nailrod Hateman on his trusty goat, Toothie, these intrepid explorers were quietly going about their business - armed only with the simple tools of their trade. Clubs, Duck Bombs and Pick Axes. Prerequisites of harmless mining activity.

Suddenly, they were set upon by that selfish ruler of Homeward and his gang of mercenaries. He was accompanied by a troop of camels wade down with the fruits of Uncle's exploitation - piles of silver.

Not content with this vast wealth, he had garnered from the desert, the greedy elephant wished to prevent anyone else from staking a claim on the fortunes to be found there.

"I am the only one who will lay claim here!" he declared and administered a cruel kicking up to Mister Hateman crying "We'll have none of that 50% tax here in Homeward either!"

Mister Hateman promised that this attack on the poor people of Badfort would not go unpunished.

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