Sunday, February 17, 2008


The Dictator of Homeward has a new line in crime. This week he attempted to poison a group of freedom fighters with a barrel of doctored Black Tom.

The devastating effect of this noxious brew was temporary insanity amongst these brave men. For a short period they actually believed the tyrant to be a kindly elephant with the interests of his tenants at heart - rather than the brute who suppresses all dissent that we know him to be.

The long-suffering Mr. Hateman organised a protest over this atrocity but when confronted over his crime the despot calmly remarked that as he was the local magistrate he was hardly likely to sentence himself.

Now we know what injustice really means!

'I intend to sue the bully for every penny he has' declared Mr.Hateman.

This paper says - Rise in protest against the Dictator of Homeward! Surround his mouldy old castle and burn it to the ground!

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