Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Long Live the Revolution !...and a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all - Some of you wanted to hear the "Red Flag' from our caroling last night - so there you go.

There is nothing like a good revolutionary song. At Unc's party last night we sang one of our favourites.

Turn out your pockets and raise a little dough
For your good friend Hateman at the Tom Shop;
He makes you feel so happy he puts you in a glow
When you stand him a treat at the Tom Shop.

He will tell you of the battles he has fought for all of you
As you pour down flagons at The Tom Shop;
Don't listen to the idiots who say this ain't true
But join Beaver Hateman at the Tom Shop.

Tell him all your troubles. Get them off your chest
To sympathetic Hateman at the Tom Shop;
You pay the bill and let him do the rest
As you drink to Revolution at the Tom Shop.

Luckily, the old tyrant didn't hear us - otherwise there might have been fisticuffs. Which ain't nice at Christmas.

Cheers all - Long Live the Revolution!

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