Monday, February 22, 2010

Beaver Hateman calls for inquiry into Uncle bullying claims

Following revelations in the Badfort News, Beaver Hateman today called for an inquiry into allegations that Uncle bullied staff at his palace, Homeward - and kicked a dwarf!

"These are very serious matters." he stated "It has long been suspected that the Tyrant of Homeward is as autocratic in his home as he is with any dissent voiced by the proletariat of Homeward. I am sure that the Dwarf Protection League civil in some way will want to have some sort of inquiry to get to the bottom of what has happened here."

Revelations in yesterday's Badfort News decribe an incident when Uncle learnt that this newspaper planned to lead its front page with how he had bribed a judge to convict Beaver Hateman on libel charges, he was "incandescent", says a member of his inner circle.

From his suite at Homeward, he rang complaining to Hitmouse, the editor of the Badfort News. "It's a Badfort plot," he raged, trying to bludgeon them into pulling the story. "This won't be forgotten."

He was maddest of all with his own team. Uncle went berserk with Bob Dwarf, whose long friendship did not protect the diminutive chap from a ferocious blast of Uncle's temper. "How could you let them do this to me, Bob?" Uncle screamed at the shaking dwarf.

Then Uncle started yelling at the other aides present: "Just get out! Just get out of my throne room!" The Old Monkey became so alarmed that he felt compelled to come into the room to protect the unfortunate dwarf.

Bur he was too late - Unc had administered one of his trademark kicking up's!

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